About Me

"Information is the currency of the future and you are your most valuable asset; invest intelligently."

- Keith Weisberg

About Me

Keith H. Weisberg completed a BS degree in Informatics and Entrepreneurship at Indiana University Bloomington in 2012. He now focuses on the convergence of business, technology and behavior. Keith has been engaged in web development and social media for over 10 years and is fluent in most major web development languages.

His passion lies in the economic and social applications of information technologies to transform business and society. Keith is internationally recognized for his skills in sales and his experience in helping startups design sales and marketing plans.

He has significant experience working with young professionals and students on personal branding. In his personal time, Keith is a Boston Globe award-winning photographer, an avid backpacker, an international traveler, an expert alpine skier, and an experienced break-dancer.

Keith has worked for Google since the summer of 2011. He started working in at Google in Search, but his present work now involves him within the display advertising ecosystem.


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